St. Augustine, Doctor, on The Holy Family


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St. Augustine, in just a few sentences, brilliantly explains how the Holy Family simply works. In his Harmony of the Evangelists [ca. 400 AD]:

“Matthew, therefore, follows out the human generation of Christ, noting His ancestors from Abraham onwards, carrying them on to Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom jesus was born.  For in this way it was not allowed that He should be thought of as apart from the marriage of Mary, although she bore Christ not from intercourse in that marriage but as a virgin.  By this example it is strongly intimated to the married faithful that even when continence is observed by their common consent, their marriage can still perdue and still be called a marriage, not by a physical joining of the sexes but by the maintaining of the affections of the mind.”

So this prescription calls for:

  • Meditate on the first and second chapter of Matthew’s Gospel to better appreciate this understanding of the Holy Family.

St. Mary and St. Joseph, pray for us.

Jesus, have mercy on us.


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