St. Peter Canisius, Doctor, on Compassion



Prescription of the Day (a two-for-one thought provoker)

“Is it not inexcusable that there should be so many people in rags while our clothes chests are stuffed with abundance of garments?”


“And what defense can there be for women who are never done aquiring jewels and aids to beauty, who are always thinking of something new in hopes of outshining rivals.”

St. Peter Canisius, who’s memorial we’ll celebrate on December 21st is known as the Doctor of the Catechism.  He whote very catechetically and taught against those revolting from the Church in the 16th century.  Like so many of the wonderful saints, this Doctor of the Church teaches compassionately about the poor.

So ask yourself:

  • Am I sharing or hoarding?
  • What should I share?
  • How much should I share?
  • How can I take the first step?  Share your experiences in taking the first step in sharing.


Deacon Tom Gotschall, The Deacon Dad at: