St. Hilary of Poitiers, Doctor, on Baptism



St. Hilary of Poitiers, who’s memorial we celebrate on January 13, was, like St. Athanasius, a great defender of the belief that Jesus Christ is “true God and true man”, particularly against the Arian heretics in the 4th century.  In the quote from St. Hilary below, we see a developed understanding explained that, by our baptism, we have a blessed relationship with God.

“Everything that happened to Christ lets us know that, after the bath of water, the Holy Spirit swoops down upon us from high heaven and that, adopted by the Father’s voice, we become sons of God.” In Matth. 2, 5: PL 9,927.

It screams “OPPORTUNITY!”

So here’s the question for you:

  • Do you live in such a way that our Heavenly Father can say about you, “This is my son (my daughter), in whom I am well-pleased.”?


Deacon Tom Gotschall, The Deacon Dad at:

Deacon Tom Gotschall on YouTube.


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