St. John of the Cross, Doctor, on Letting Anxieties Go.


John of the Cross.1

Prescription of the Day

December 14th is the Memorial of St. John of the Cross, priest and Doctor of the Church. In his work The Ascent of Mount Carmel he suggests that in our times of heavy burden, our Lord offers to take those burdens off from our shoulders.  It’s as if He is telling us,

All you who are tormented and afflicted, laboring beneath the burden of anxiety and desire, cast it aside by coming to Me, and I will refresh you; and your souls shall find that rest of which your desires rob you.”

So ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to give the Lord the burden of my sin?
  • Am I willing to release the allure and desire of sin and accept His refreshment and rest?


Deacon Tom Gotschall, The Deacon Dad at:


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