St. John of the Cross, Doctor, on Obedience


John of the Cross.1

Prescription of the day

“My intention will not be to deviate from the true meaning of sacred scripture or from the doctrine of our holy Mother the Church.  If this should happen, I submit entirely to the Church, or even to anyone who judges more competently than I about the matter.” (Introduction to Ascent of Mount Carmel.)

A spiritual titan and Doctor of Mystical Theology, St. John of the Cross was also clear about his ascent to the authority of the Church.  Note this is not a blind obedience but one of discernment and well-formed conscience.  Consider:

  • Do you submit to holy Mother Church on matters of faith and morals?
  • Do you recognize the difference between the sinful people who populate the church (many of whom are, thanks be to God, striving for holiness) and the clear holiness of the Church?
  • If you find giving ascent to the Church reasonable, would you care to share how difficult (or comforting) the process has become for you? (in the comments section would be great.)


Deacon Tom Gotschall, The Deacon Dad at


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