St. Ambrose, Doctor, on Prayer



Prescription of the Doctor:

“O man, you did not dare to raise your face to heaven, you lowered your eyes to earth, and suddenly you have received the grace of Christ: all your sins have been forgiven. From being a wicked servant you have become a good son…. Then raise your eyes to the Father who has begotten you through Baptism, to the Father who has redeemed you through his Son, and say: “Our Father….” But do not claim any privilege.  he is the Father in a special way only on Christ, bu he is the common Father of us all, because while he has begotten only Christ, he has created us.  Then also say by his grace, “Our Father,” so that you may merit being his son.”

And then ask yourself:

  • In what way does saying, “Our Father…” reveal you to yourself?
  • How does the Father reveal himself to you when you pray, “Our Father…”?


Deacon Tom Gotschall, The Deacon Dad at

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